Masonic Information

Under the direction of International F&A.M. Masons and O.E.S. Inc. all lodges and chapters are York Rite. International F&A.M. Masons is governed by Ill. James O. Dogan our Supreme President and also our Supreme Board of Directors.

  In International F&A.M. Masons and O.E.S. Inc. we proudly wear fezzes, this is our way of standing out from the rest to be the best. Also we have adopted the skeleton key to go under the compass and square, this sets us apart from the other many orders. *The key simply represents the key of knowledge and it is not there to deface the sacred square and compass, just to enhance it.

  Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest fraternal organizations. It's a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values. In which the members are taught the history and morals of masonry through rituals and the bible.

  Masonry is not a religion nor a substitute for religion, but it is an organization for men of any race or religion to join. As long as they meet the Masonic qualifications. Our goal then is to make good men better men.