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Our prayers go out to the family of Brother James Bazzelle (Crispus Attucks)
Subject: Funeral Services
Final Rites Brother James Bazzelle {Crispus Attucks}
Visitation : Sunday, Feb. 3 2013 1:00-5:00pm
Husband Family Funeral Home
2401 South Wayne Rd.
Westland, Michigan 48186

Funeral: Monday, Feb. 4, 2013 12:00pm (Masonic Ceremony)
Family Hour 11:00am
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
13651 Dequindre

Detroit, Michigan 48212​

Our prayers go out to Rev. Grayson (Dist 5) who recently lost his wife Sheila

Sheila Grayson's Wake and Homegoing Service:

Wake - Thursday, Jan. 31st  5pm to 8pm,  Filbrandt Family Funeral Home, 1076 S. Baily Ave.  South Haven, MI

Funeral - Friday, Feb. 1st 10am (Family Hour) 11am (Funeral), Gospel Tabernacal Baptist Church, 32605 M140, Colvert, MI  49043

​Ill. Teddy Howard's Mothers Homegoing Service

Brother Teddy Howard's mother was called home on Wednesday November 20th after suffering a long illness. Brother Howard's Mothers homegoing service will be held on Tuesday Nov 27th. at Cobb's Funeral Home, 151 Orchard Lake Rd Pontiac Mi 48341 1-248-858-2640.  Time: 11am

Speculative Masonry is Freemasonry

Speculative Masonry is Freemasonry, a system of morality and social ethics, an international fraternity or brotherhood, based on honesty, trustworthiness, dependability, charity, mutual aid, goodwill, and cooperation.  According to legend, 80,000 Fellow-crafts were employed in the building of King Solomon’s Temple.  These were under the immediate supervision of our ancient Grand Master Hiram Abif.  On the evening of the sixth day, their work was inspected, and all those who had proved themselves worthy were invested with certain signs, grips, and words to enable them to gain admission to the Middle Chamber.  On the same day King Solomon repaired to the Middle Chamber to meet them, placing the Junior Warden at the outer door, the Senior Warden at the inner door, and the Secretary by his side.  All Brothers qualified to work their way pass these two guards and gain admittance to the Middle Chamber received wages, which consisted of Corn, Wine, and Oil.

The corn, wine, and oil were real wages to the Fellow-craft in the days of King Solomon.  Freemasons receive no material wages today for their labors, but if work done in the lodge is paid for only in the corn of the heart, such wages are no less real.  They may sustain as does grain, refresh as does wine, and give joy and gladness as does oil.  How much we receive, what we do with our wages, depends entirely on our masonic work.  But to receive the equivalent of the ancient corn, wine, and oil, a Brother must labor.  He must give labor to his neighbor or carry stones for his Brothers’ temple.

EA Test 1
1. What is your new name?
2. How were you first received into the lodge?
3. Who are the Saints?
4. What do you measure with a two-foot rule?
5. Who was King Solomon’s great-great-grandfather?
6. Where did you receive your new name?
7. How many pillars support your house?
8. How are the lights situated?
9. What are the four perfect points of entrance?
10. What are the four cardinal virtues?
11. What is the length of your cable tow?
12. What are the names of the figures that compose the symbol of Fidelity?
13. What is our spiritual trestle-board?
14. What does the Rite of Destitution teach?
15. What is the sign of prudence?
16. What is the symbolism of the Ashlars?
17. Who taught you how to take your first step?
18. Why is there no station in the North?


National Midwest Convention 2013


Palestine Commandry Meetings

Palestine Commandry is meeting at the Letts Community Center on April 13th at 3pm 1220 W Kalamazoo- Lansing MI 48915 contact Sir knight Jacob Jessie at 517-402-4566.  Every 2nd Saturday will be Palestine Commandry's monthly meeting.  Sir Knight Powers, Deputy Grand Eminent Commander will be attending and instructing the meetings. Thank you

Claims and Grievances

Any claims and grievances that any brother has against the Grand Lodge should be communicated to the Claims and Grievances committee:

    Brother Cleavland Bobo (District Master/District 7) - 248-396-4731

    Brother Paul Hardman (Grand Webmaster RBGL) - 248-561-9748 - rbglwebmaster@gmail.com

    Brother William Holloway